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Witch’s Finger

Witch’s Finger

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The Witch’s Finger is delightfully creepy and a solid reminder to listen to your powerful intuition. In traditional Western Palmistry, the little finger is ruled by the element of air—the element of creativity and communication. Use this talisman necklace to help point you in the right direction when looking for a creative solution! 

The snake is largely interpreted as a symbol of transformation, as it sheds its skin, it becomes anew. During times of great change, you will continue to know you are strong and can transform yourself. 

This original design was triple cast—once in wax of my little finger, the second in bronze of the finger, and the third time cast with silver in the form of the hand shaped cap, snake bail, and silver nail. This piece is by far one of the most technically challenging pieces of sculptural jewelry I have ever made, and I’m truly ecstatic to share it with you! It will be drawn to its destined wearer. 

This pendant currently comes with an 18 inch braided leather cord. The pendant itself is 3 inches long and has some weight to it. The bronze is unsealed, so not recommended for this with copper allergies. (This bronze is a standard alloy of 90% copper, 10% tin.) The silver nail, cap, and snake bail are all solid 925 Sterling.


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